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    " The Old-Fashion of Flavor"

​​​​​AngleGate Processing offers options. Try one or try them all.

AGP Regular Sausage:

This Regular Sausage blend is our version of the traditional "Deer Camp" sausage. The flavors of this blend stem mostly from fresh garlic and ground black pepper. We have utilized this sausage from "deer camp beans" to stuffed pork loin. 

AGP Polish Sausage:

A blend that stems back to an old family recipe, this sausage incorporates flavors from a few "secret spices". This sausage is one of our best sellers.

AGP Country Style Sausage:

Our version of the typical "sage deer sausage", this is a versatile blend. A hint of sweet and smokey, this sausage eats well from breakfast all the way through dinner.

AGP Cheesy Jalapeno:

Who doesn't like a bit of jalapeno and cheese? We at AngleGate Processing are no "exception to that rule" It has been said that our cheesy jalapeno sausage is like no other. And I would personally have to agree. This blend is our best seller!